Best places to travel in Asia. The magic cities of Asia

#1 In Shanghai one can find an entertainment that fits any taste. One of them is Shanghai Disneyland. You can also climb the Shanghai Tower, the second highest building in the world and admire the cityscape.

Old Shanghai co-exists with new modern buildings. The streets with houses, built in Shikumen architectural style, are a hive of activity.

One can admire European buildings in art deco style that are well-preserved on the Bund (or Waitan).


#2 Hong Kong is a modern megalopolis with breathtaking skyscrapers.

Hong Kong

It has always attracted tourists by combination of traditional Chinese culture, tasty cuisine and wonderful shopping. In Hong Kong, you will never feel bored.  You can taste shark fin soup, visit the Hong Kong Art Museum and Ten Thousands Buddhas Monastery.

#3 In the center of Chŏnju, in South Korea, there is an architectural complex called Hanok Maeul. It was turned into a museum in the open air: here we can see more than 700 well-preserved wooden buildings with curved roofs constructed in traditional Korean style.
Chŏnju attracts lovers of good food from all over the world. In 2012, UNESCO named Chŏnju ‘the City of Gastronomy’.

South Korea

Terrific Asian islands tо top it off

#4 Hokkaido is the second biggest island in Japan. Tourists here can admire wonderful landscapes or mountain villages.


Also visitors are able to bathe in special bath-tubs filled with hot springs mineral water.

In winter in Hokkaido, one can go skiing or snowboarding. Besides, you may enjoy ice sculptures during the Sapporo Snow Festival.

# 5. Over the course of decades, Côn Đảo Islands in Vietnam were the place where forced labor camps were located, prisoners were kept in infernally cruel conditions there. Now it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.
In 1984, the National Park was opened here; its corals make this place one of the most beautiful for diving.
On Côn Đảo one can go hiking in tropical forests, where the true untouched nature is preserved, or just have a rest on white sand shore.

The local government tries to make Côn Đảo the same popular as Phuket.


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