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Traveling to Southeast Asia

One of the main reasons why people nowadays save up is to be to travel. Gone are the days that traveling only caters to a few. Now, anyone can travel. They say, to travel is to be educated outside of a four-cornered room. So common now for people to have their bucket lists and wish lists.

Travelers would want to enrich themselves by going to places of their choice. One can envision himself / herself under the Eiffel tower or might imagine drinking beer in Ireland. Or even ride a gondola in Venice’s Grand Canal.

But what if, your ideal dream vacation consists of beautiful white sand beaches, the tropical paradise type of getaway or riding huge elephants? Another factor is you will enjoy and have a grand vacation priced almost only one third of a European vacation.

Then traveling to Southeast Asia is the right place for you. Southeast Asia consists of eleven beautiful countries to choose from, namely: East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Brunei. That Southeast Asia trip can be your dream vacation.

Each country has its distinct culture, flavors and magnificent places to visit. Compared to all regions in the world; Southeast has cheaper places to go to and the food too!

Let’s take a closer look to destinations that would be best for you. Who knows, your next trip might be to Southeast Asia.

Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia


Southeast Asia’s largest archipelago. Offers breathtaking views. Like the rest of Southeast asian countries, it has a tropical weather. If you like to go scuba diving, shopping or to take a sip of the world renowned, the world most expensive coffee. Thanks to the civets’ breed of cats for this. Cherry berries after eaten and pooped out by these cats become one of the tastiest and pricey coffee in our world.

For top notch places to go to there’s Bali. You can find a lot of beach resorts, spas and temple. Next is, you can visit Ubud, there you can find affordable boutiques and stores and restaurants.

Indonesia beach


Dubbed as The Pearl of the Orient Seas. One the most fun destination in Southeast Asia. Consisting of 7, 641 islands, 2,000 of which is inhibited. Home of the top beaches of the world; Boracay, Coron, Amanpuloand Siargao to name a few. Has a lot of scuba diving and surfing sites to enjoy.

You can experience, Palawan’s underground river or head to Bohol for the famous Chocolate Hills. Truly a magical island to visit! Has a lot of beautiful attractions all over the country. Try their legendary, Balut. It is a developing bird embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell. There is the halo-halo, shaved ice dessert that has 12 ingredients.

Bali beach


Known for incredibly ancient rainforest. A lot of hiking trails and wildlife. Popular destinations for Muslim travelers. Visit their Sun Bear Conservation Cenre. You will find the world’s derpiest -looking bear. The country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur is a shopping mecca for different things. Take a boat tour to Sukau Greenview to enjoy a stretch of the wildlife.

Traveling to Malaysia wouldn’t be complete without trying their staple food, Laksa. Laksa is thick spicy coconut curry where you can add what please you. You can add shrimps or any available add-ins.

Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur


Experience riding the elephant amidst the temples in the background. Most popular floating market in Thailand is the Damnoen Saduak. Experience this one of a kind adventure. Go head to Pattaya for more temples and for their beaches. A galore of shopping finds in their night markets and weekend markets.

For your taste buds, relish on their Khao Soi; crispy egg noodle with coconut curry. It has meat, herbs and spices added to it.

Pattaya beach


Once in there, you can enjoy the museums, pick your best floating market, caves, grottoes and try their famous spring roll! Get the best price in the market. Do your best to reduce the price.

One of the noodles eating people in the Southeast. Enjoy the different noodles variants they have. Roam around Hanoi, the capital city. Take a chance and try their local beer. Street vendors sell bia hoi, a locally drafted beer. Simply neat, don’t you think so? Beer being sold this way. You might want to try their concoction of coffee with egg. Sounds interesting!

waterfall inVietnam


Cosmopolitan city of the whole region. Nightlife, multicultural society,High-end adventures, high rolling gambling and a hip party culture.There are good finds that you can only find it here. There is a lot of actiongoing on. Never seen before items and never eaten before food you will find only here. The Marina bay area contains all your shopping need. A lot of late night parties and extravagant casinos in this area.

There are the recreational theme parks at Sentosa. It offers indoor and outdoor adventures. You can safely wander in the streets of Little India and Chinatown.

Savor on their own take on the Laksa. Try incorporating it with fish this time.

Singapore resort

These are what Southeast Asia can offer you. Here are some of the best places to go to. Have you decided yet where to travel in Southeast Asia? Wherever you might be heading to, remember you will be welcomed with smiles, hospitality and friendly people. Southeast Asia with all its splendor is a great place to be.

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