Best Asian cities to visit: a handy list to plan your journey

Top Best Asian Cities to Visit for the Brightest Vacation.

Asia remains to be one of the hottest traveller spots worldwide. From ancient monuments to modern megapolises, Asian countries vary greatly. Outdoor enthusiasts, night life addicts, history lovers and adventurers will all enjoy Asia. Find out a list of top best Asian cities to visit and pack your sack for unforgettable journey!

  1. Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an extremely fast-paced city with hundreds of unique places to visit. Make sure to stay here for at least a couple of days: The Tin Hau temple, Night market, the Heritage Museum, as well as other popular spots should not be missed anyway.

Hong Kong

  1. If you would like to dive into the Chinese history, Beijing should become your number one city to visit. Being a home for dozens of Chinese emperors, the city attracts with its outstanding temples and other pieces of imperial architecture. Not to mention, the city also has an easy access to the Great Wall of China, one of the most stunning structures worldwide.


  1. Tokyo is a real paradise for connoisseurs of Japanese culture. Moreover, the city is famous for its eateries and restaurants. Here you will be able to try sushi, yakitori, sake and even poisonous blowfish, prepared by professional Japanese cookers. Video game-themed, prison and ninja cafes with astonishing interiors can be easily found on almost any street in Tokyo.


  1. Bangkok is a Thai city, famous for its delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. The city is always highly ranked among the best Asian cities to visit. Its street food with extraordinary and uncommon dishes, as well as bars and night clubs are the country’s key features. Bangkok’s modern skyscrapers and Buddhist temples are often located close to each other, leaving unforgettable experience from visiting the city.


  1. If you prefer calm and quite rest on a sandy beach, Bali is your number one country for vacation. Amazing golden beaches, ancient temples and top-notch service in numerous luxury hotels are waiting for you. All for reasonable prices!


  1. Singapore is a highly developed Asian country with numerous dizzy skyscrapers. Being a culinary mecca, the country also attracts crowds of foreigners with its mouthwatering cuisine and unusual dishes.


  1. Phuket. Another awesome place for beach lovers. The bright green hills, cerulean waters and wild plages can become a great option for both big families and romantic couples.


Just a Few Tips for Those Who Travel to Asia

  • Always have USD. If you run out of the local currency, USD is accepted almost everywhere.
  • No need to buy SIM cards in advance. Wi-Fi is always available!
  • Try street food. No worries about food’s quality. Just try some and you’ll definitely like it!
  • Make sure to arrive at peak season. Otherwise, you might stick in a period of heavy rains.
  • Take your toilet paper and hand sanitizer. You might not find these two in most places in Asia.
  • Be careful. Western safety standards usually don’t work in most Asian countries.

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