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Asia travel: Singapore.

Singapore is the legendary city-state, which in a short period of time turned from a poor country in Southeast Asia into a finance and trade center. Today it is one of the most visited places on the earth. Do not know what places to visit if you do not have much time? Let’s explore one of the most interesting places of Asia travel destinations, Singapore.

Botanical Gardens

Enjoy 74 hectares of exquisite flora, lakes and green landscapes. Gardens are available from early in the morning until late at night, so there are no crowds of tourists here. You can relax and distract yourself from the city fuss.

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The famous Chinatown

Chinatown is situated among the huge skyscrapers of Singapore. Here you will get acquainted with local entertainment and may have a delicious lunch. The food is quite varied: from vegetarian dishes to spicy Asian meat and fish.

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Zoo and Night Safari

The Singapore Zoo is a very crowded place attracting many people to explore Singapore as one of Asia travel destinations. But despite this, you can always see the animals from a fairly close distance. One can meet some of them on the Night Safari. This is a very fascinating and vivid place. Everything here is so natural that you will feel the breath of the wild. About 200 different exotic species are collected in this place. They freely move around the territory under illumination similar to moonlight.

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Marina Bay Sands

Be sure to visit this delightful entertainment complex. You will see a grandiose casino and a huge shopping mall called Singapore’s Las Vegas. The largest pool in the city is situated on its roof. Marina Bay Sands is a truly fantastic place!

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Little India

This is an amazing and bright sight. Indian music can be heard from everywhere. Delicious food is sold on the streets. Visiting this place, you will plunge into the world of flowers and aromatic spices. In addition, tourists can visit local churches and buy souvenirs at the huge mall called “Mustafa”.

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Gardens by the bay

It is more than 100 hectares of unique tropical plants, one of the most fantastic Asia travel destinations, Singapore. Gardens by the bay are famous for their 50-meter-high trees and domes. At the night, this nature’s masterpiece sparkles in the light and impress with breathtaking beauty.

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Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

There are tropical trees, birds, monkeys, lizards. Earlier, when Singapore was covered in jungle, there lived wild tigers. If you like exotic nature and ecotourism, this place will definitely please you.

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