best destinations for solo travel

For those who did not find travel buddies: The 6 best destinations for solo travel

Why is it so popular?

Solo travel is perceived by many people as an unattractive or even dangerous activity, but it has its advantages and special charm.

New acquaintances, new knowledge about this vast world, perhaps even self-discovery – be sure, you will have valuable experience.

Popular destinations for solo travel

            Gyeongju, South Korea. Solo traveling in Gyeongju is the way to find peace and harmony within yourself. You will feel that especially when you walk around the historical places.

A lot of attractions here are included to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Bulguksa Temple is a masterpiece of Buddhist art, where many objects from the list of National Treasures of South Korea are located.

Gyeongju Anapji

Fiji. Fiji is a real beauty with clear waters and palm beaches. No doubt, this isolated archipelago in the southern waters of the Pacific Ocean is a true paradise. You will find wonderful hiking trails here. What is more, if you miss human communication, local residents are famous for their hospitality and charming smiles. Especially they are sociable with solo travelers.


Lucerne, Switzerland. The architecture of this city is breathtaking. The reason we chose this place as a must for visiting is its compactness. The city occupies a small, but filled with the spirit of an architectural genius territory. In addition, the transport network is designed in such a way that you can easily observe all the sights.

Lucerne Switzerland

Queenstown, New Zealand. New Zealand is an incredibly hospitable country. It is a perfect place for solo travelers, who would like to get acquainted with people like them. Real daredevils go to Queenstown. This charming city, located on the shore of the lake, is also called “the world capital of adventure“. Every year this place is visited by about a million tourists, who want to be engaged in reckless rafting, bungee jumping, parachuting and conquer the most difficult ski trails of The Remarkables resort.

Queenstown New Zealand

Kyoto, Japan. This city is known as the best city in the world for combining travel and leisure. If you want to feel the spirit of Japan, be sure to visit the temples and museums of Kyoto, the city that was the ancient capital of the country. No doubt, this beautiful city will give you a lot of impressions.

Kyoto Japan

Angkor, Cambodia. A very large and ancient complex of temples is a favorite place for tourists from all over the world. Angkor is inscribed on the List of UNESCO World Heritage Site, as a masterpiece of human genius. Lovers of travel, history and ancient cultures seek to get to Angkor with the only purpose – to get acquainted with the amazing cities and temples of the great Khmer civilization.

Angkor Cambodia


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