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Meet the culture of Argentina

Mass immigration has introduced into the culture of the Argentine the characteristics of many European peoples. Better traditional forms of material and spiritual culture are preserved in the towns and estates. And in big cities, modern style is mixed with traditions. In abundance you can find in all major urban centers, traditional institutions, such as literary bars or bars with live music, offering different genres of traditional art.

Facts about the Argentina culture

Despite the incredible mixture of ethnics and cultures, Argentina — one of the most “Europeanized” states of the continent, managed to form its own culture, similar and not similar to neighboring countries. Argentine people continues to remain what they have always been — a proud and independent people, literally obsessed with their history and their country.

Europeanized states of the continent

Argentina is a country of tango and rhythms

The Argentina culture is impossible without its bright dances, whose king, undoubtedly, is tango. Its special popularity began in the first quarter of the 20th century. Thanks to the world’s most famous performer of tango, the Argentine singer Carlos Gardel, named the “King of Tango”. Contests for the best performance of tango are held regularly, in which people of different ages and professions can take part.

The Argentina musical culture is inherently associated with dancing. The basis of folk Argentine music is the Spanish element. Among folk instruments used guitar, mandolin, Indian flute and Indian drum — the cultrun. In the countryside, there are folk singers — payadors, every single rite and a holiday can’t be without them.
His role in the formation of the musical culture of Argentina was played by the Italian school, and especially the Italian opera. In 1857 the opera theater “Colon” was opened. The modern building of the theater — one of the largest in the world – exists in Buenos Aires since 1908.

the Spanish element of Argentina Music

Traditional food

Argentina food culture is a mixture of national traditions of indigenous Indian peoples and all those foreign recipes that were brought here by immigrants from Europe. Italian cuisine here has become as familiar as the dishes of Indian peoples.

Еmpanadas — fried pies with all kinds of stuffing from chopped meat, ham and cheese, potatoes. Inexpensive, nutritious and delicious pies are considered the true national dish of Argentina.

Cordero al palo — the main meat dish in Patagonia, roasted on a spit of sheep. This is the visiting card of the national cuisine of Argentina, which we recommend.

Centolla crabs are prepared in different ways, but in Argentina they are considered one of the most popular products.


What is the national clothing in Argentina?

The most traditional Argentina cultural dress was the gaucho clothing: a short shirt, wide trousers, a chiripa or a quadrangular piece of black cloth on top of them. On top of the shirt is a poncho. It covers and heats the whole body and is really comfortable when riding. On the head, the gaucho wears a hat more often, and the neck is almost always wrapped in a handkerchief. Legs are shod from the poorer in a kind of bast shoes or boots with huge silver spurs.

Women dress up easier: they wear a simple skirt and shawl, the latter is put on the shoulders, then on the head.

Argentina cultural dress

Traditional festivals of the Argentine people

Columbus Day. October 12 in Argentina is a national holiday — Columbus Day. According to historical data, it was on this day in 1492 that Christopher Columbus joined and discovered a new continent. This day is also called the Day of the Race — in honor of the peoples who settled Argentina. In the country it is declared a day off. The people attend festive church services, as well as other events.

Independence Day. July 9, Argentina celebrates the country’s birthday – Independence Day. The territory of modern Argentina was not always free and independent. The struggle lasted until 1816. Yet June 9, 1816, in the city of Tukuman, delegates signed the Declaration of Independence from Spain. Since then, the day of July 9 is recognized as the national holiday of the country.

festivals of the Argentine people

Feast of Tango. Today’s Argentina and tango — words are almost synonymous. Therefore, the country celebrates even the National Day of Tango on December 11 — one of the Argentina cultural events, when all the inhabitants go to the streets and dance.

In all cafes and clubs on this day there are various shows, on the streets are the famous orchestras of the city. Anyone who wishes has the opportunity to plunge into the fascinating world of dance. On the Republic Square, many people gather to see documentary fragments from the performances of the best dancers in the history of the tango on the big screen.

Argentina cultural events

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