Can anyone travel to Antarctica?

Cruises to Antarctica were a dream a few years ago. Nowadays, everyone can see delightful landscapes of the snow-white continent. The main thing is to be ready to extreme rest. You should remember that the most southern continent in the world remains the most remote.

The first people appeared in Antarctica in 1821. Since then, the most intrepid travelers dream to visit this place. However, not more than 50 thousand people manage to do it during a year. It is very hard to reach it. Moreover, severe climate always reigns here: -75 °C in winter, and -40 °C in summer. Although on the coast, the temperature in summer can rise to +5 °C.picture Antarctica

Antarctica is a place for chosen. After all, only pioneering scientists, lovers of extreme rest and adventurers will like killing winds, low temperatures, lifeless polar plateaus and huge blocks of ice.

Earlier, such trip lasted to three years and was deadly dangerous. Nowadays, it is difficult to travel to Antarctica, but possible.

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3 ways to visit Antarctica

  1. To become a scientist, a fireman, a chef, a painter, etc. Depending on a season, there are about 70 research stations. The staff reaches this place by military aircraft. They investigate the ice sheet of the continent. If it is too late for you to become a scientist, there are various vacancies at stations. Firefighters, chefs, hairdressers, plumbers and representatives of other professions are needed here to make the life of scientists easier.

photo Antarctica

There is also the National Science Foundation, which has a program for painters and writers. Its participants can go to Antarctica to implement their project.

  1. To become a marathon runner or extreme skier. Oddly enough, marathons and ultramarathons are held in Antarctica. Registration fee to participate in Antarctic ice marathon and half marathon is 15 thousand Euros. The price includes: flight from Punta Arenas (Chile) and back, food and accommodation at the station, professional photos, medal for participation, T-shirt and other souvenirs.Antarctica photo


  1. Go on a cruise. This is almost the only way to get to Antarctica for people, who are not connected with science. What is more, it is impossible to buy airline ticket, as there are no commercial flights to the continent. The majority of ships go to Antarctica from Ushuaia city, which is located in Argentina. The cost of cruises starts from 3 thousand dollars and sometimes reaches 30 thousand dollars per person.

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