Going to Antarctica. What should you know before setting off

The best time to start a journey

The time of travel to Antarctica directly depends on what you want to see.  As a rule, trips to the Antarctica are conducted between November and March, during the local warm season. During these five months, when there is a comfortable temperature, cruises are carried out along the South Shetland Islands and along the coasts of West Antarctica.

There are also tours with flight. They suppose getting to the same South Shetland Islands by plane, and then continue the trip on the standard cruise program.


The season of “deep” Antarctica tours is only December – January. This is the peak of summer in the southern hemisphere. It is the only possible time of the year for skiing, hiking and “conquest” of the South Pole. But you should be ready that the temperature near the pole is not higher than -20 °C even in summer.

Popular attractions

Ross Ice Shelf. It is almost horizontal blue wall of freezing ice. For many years, the most courageous travelers could not make their way farther into the heart of the continent because of this fearsome block. Then it was called a “barrier” until English pioneer overcame it.


Larsen Ice Shelf. It neighbors with civilization and therefore it is accessible for excursions. Here you can observe the results of global warming. Earlier, it consisted of a triad of large glaciers, but it melted in a month, thus showing the fragility of the local nature.

Larsen Ice Shelf

The Amundsen-Scott station. It is the most famous station of the Antarctica at the South Pole. This station is a small oasis of human warmth amid the harsh ice, where scientists and persistent researchers work hard.

Antarctica flags

Security on the continent

Travelers should be always with guides of the expedition. This snowy paradise has long been considered a rich reserve of the natural resources of mankind, although the general conditions do not yet provide an opportunity to extract useful minerals here. Therefore, a special request to brave tourists is to be careful with the nature of Antarctica.

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