Wonder why do humans go to Antarctica?

Cruises to Antarctica for most people until recently have been just a dream. Today everyone can see delightful landscapes of the snow-white land. Nevertheless, let’s find out why do humans actually go to Antarctica. The main thing is to get ready for extreme and adventure holidays, and then you can already look for tours and ways to get to Antarctica. If you want to go kayaking or skiing, you have to take care of your physical shape. Antarctica is not a place for everyone. After all, who else except for pioneering scientists, lovers of extreme leisure and adventurers, will like strong winds, low temperatures, lifeless polar plateaus, and huge blocks of ice?

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In practice, the situation is different: annually this continent is visited by more than 50 thousand people. For the first time, tourists (about 500 people) came on board the Argentine Navy ship in 1958. The trip to Antarctica was such a success that in 1969 Lars-Eric Lindblad launched the specially designed for Antarctic cruises ship, MS Lindblad Explorer, and engaged in regular tourist expeditions to the less explored continent on the Earth.

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The number of people, who want to see Antarctica’s silver radiance of snow, cold waters that have become home to whales and seals, and colonies of penguins, annually increases by 20%. Still wonder why do humans go to Antarctica? Antarctica is protected from intense human intrusion.

Why travel to Antarctica

Excursions to Antarctica necessarily involve landings on the coast (depends on the number of passengers on the board and the weather). Tourists get to the islands on rubber boats called ‘zodiacs’. They are designed especially for use in difficult weather conditions. Also, zodiacs are used for excursions: to waterfalls, to rock where carrion birds live, to glaciers, to rookeries of mammals. In addition, during sightseeing tours there is an opportunity to observe a research station, where scientists work and live, to learn about their way of life and customs. Trip to Antarctica may include some unusual and even extreme entertainment: hiking and snowmobiling, camping, diving under ice shelves, hot air ballooning, and so forth.

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The tourist season lasts from November to March. Going to the mainland in October – November, you can see the Antarctic spring, the time when the penguins choose a couple. In December and January, nature comes to life, and penguins are looking for food for their offspring. The only way to see this is a New Year cruise to Antarctica.

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