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Attractions for tourists in Antarctica. The facts and tourist activities Antarctica is famous for

The unique place on the globe, where there is no local population; the place, where all time zones are represented; the absolute minimum temperature on the globe, 128.56 °F, was registered here. All these mind-blowing facts are about Antarctica.

The Antarctic Continent is a continent that is very difficult to reach. The legendary South Pole heads the bucket list of many explorers and researchers.

Antarctic cruises, extreme trekking, hiking, ski expeditions and finally conquering the South Pole are attractions for tourists in Antarctica.

Cruises in near-Antarctic regions are held from November to March.

Reaching the South Pole is the dream for many explorers. Reaching the South Pole by plane (as an alternative: by plane and by ski) is possible only at the peak of Antarctic summer, from December to January.

Four attractions Antarctica is famous for

Here are four attractions for tourists in Antarctica that people are eager to see for different reasons:

#1 Deception is an island of volcanogenic origin on the South Shetland Islands archipelago. The main attractions for tourists there are: one out of two active volcanoes in Antarctica, a geothermal spring, penguins and whales.

#2 Livingston Island is an island in the South Shetland Islands archipelago. In most cases, people come here to see wildlife habitat area of seals.

#3 Neko Harbor was named after a Scottish whaling boat, the ‘Neko’, which operated in the area. Tourists come here mainly to see whales, penguins, the glacier and the inlet itself; and also to try kayaking.

The mystery of the Bloody Falls

  #4 More than a century ago the geologist from Australia, whose name was Griffith Tailor, stepped on the cold Antarctic ground and ran into a true miracle.

There were stains, red as blood, on perfectly white, ‘the most southern in the world’ snow. Scientist supposed that the reason for this color are reddish microscopic seaweeds. But later it was proved that this specific color of water is caused by ferric oxide that originates in consequence of functioning of rare microorganisms.


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