Top 5 tourist destinations in Africa. Why do tourists choose Africa?

It seems that there are practically no unexplored places on Earth. However, Africa is a mysterious and still not fully investigated continent. Here you can always make a discovery. For this reason, Africa attracts and frightens travelers at the same time. The history, culture and traditions of this continent are so diverse that everyone will find here something to his/her taste: beaches, numerous reserves, distinct tribes or deserts.

Although Africa consists of 55 countries, only less than half are suitable for safe and comfortable tourism. Taking into account security and development of the tourist infrastructure we have chosen for you 5 countries in Africa, which should be visited.


What country is worth visiting?

  1. Kenya (East Africa). There are several reasons to visit Kenya. A human civilization appeared on this territory: the first homo sapiens lived here. The equator line passes on the land of Kenya. You have to go to this country to see the great migration of animals with your own eyes.

Here lives the famous “African Big Five”: a leopard, a lion, an elephant, a rhino and a buffalo. Diving enthusiasts can enjoy diving to coral reefs with a rare Indian Ocean fauna. What is more, here are African indigenous people such as Masai, Samburu and Meru, who have preserved the traditional way of life.


  1. Namibia (South Africa). Namibia is one of the richest and safest countries in Africa. Here is the constant sun, the endless ocean coast, vast deserts, green foothills, a rich animal and plant world, unusual landscapes and tribes that preserve the ancient traditions. The main attraction of the country is the ancient Namib Desert. Its age is about 60-80 million years. It impresses with a variety of landscapes.

Namib Desert

  1. Uganda (East Africa). Tourists come here to visit the local national parks and admire the amazing nature. Here are a lot of natural attractions: 35 protected areas and ten National Parks, where you can see a lot of representatives of African flora and fauna, including even rare mountain gorillas.


  1. Tanzania (East Africa). Many tourists go here on a safari to see exotic animals. Serengeti is considered the most famous park in Tanzania. Here is preserved the pristine nature of the African jungle. The salt lake Magadi is another attraction for tourists. It is located at the bottom of the crater in Ngorongoro.

Tanzania (East Africa)

  1. Cape Verde (West Africa). Cape Verde combines primitive nature and European level of service. Tourists go here to explore the unique underwater world of coral reefs, where there are a huge number of underwater caves and the most interesting representatives of marine live.

Cape Verde (West Africa)


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