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African safari.

Many people have heard of safari in Africa, but do not imagine what it is. Safari is a real adventure. It is a moment of unity with nature, close acquaintance with rare birds and animals. Usually, African safari becomes possible due to the achievements of technology. In a specially equipped car, you can drive up close to predators, which in any other situation would be inaccessible or dangerous.

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Going on safari is the only opportunity to see the stunning “Big Five”, which comprises ​​a leopard, an elephant, a lion, a buffalo and a rhinoceros. In fact, it is not clear, why the rest of some equally impressive animals, such as the fastest animals on earth – cheetahs, and many others, did not enter this top.

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Nevertheless, even if you come to Africa on a safari, and you have not been lucky enough to see any of these animals, then there is still an amazing number of diverse motley birds, butterflies, and other inhabitants. There is a wide range of choice of different African safari tours for any amount of money and preferences.

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African safari requires patience, attention and desire for learning. And then nature will display itself in all its glory. In Africa, you can ride a specially equipped bus, jeep, elephant, horse or walk with a guide. After a day full of different impressions, you are free to choose: to stay at cozy cottage with all modern conveniences, or to feel at one with nature and spend a night a little less comfortable in tent; or even in a tree, in special eco-friendly hotel. At night, it is very interesting to observe the animal world, as many predators are nocturnal animals, which means that they hunt at sunset-to-sunrise time.

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There is also an option for thrill-seekers: you can spend a couple of days in a village, learning customs and traditions of local tribes and people.

For those who wants to go on a safari tour for the first time, it is strongly recommended to choose South Africa for this purpose, as such a trip will leave the most vivid impressions, while the country is developed and safe; there live a lot of white people, and services are at a very high level. Subsequently, it is already possible to travel to more wild and exotic countries.

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Also, do not forget about animal migration; it should be taken into account when choosing the country and the time for a trip, otherwise there is a risk not to see almost any animals and not to get the proper pleasure from safari tour.

Before going to Africa, you have to visit a physician specializing for tropical diseases. He will tell you whether you should be vaccinated, what precautions you need to follow, and help you choose the right prophylactic medications for malaria.

Despite all difficulties and risks, this trip is worth the effort. African safari tour will bring you incomparable impressions, and tribal way of life will teach you to appreciate what you possess.

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