Cape Town, Africa

Cape Town Africa. Destinations: well-known and unknown

In our review, we gathered five interesting places that you will want to see while visiting Cape Town, Africa.

Natural wonders of Cape Town

#1 Table Mountain is the most attractive and the most frequently photographed sightseeing object in the whole country. Millions of people has always wanted to climb this mountain; maybe that is the reason why the public transport question became so burning. A public transport was needed to facilitate the access to the top of the Table Mountain. The Rope road turned out to be the best option for this purpose. It started to work on October 4th, 1929.

Table Mountain

#2 On the slopes and at the foot of Table Mountain grow more than 2200 species of plants.
The terrific Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is near the western root of a mountain. The Botanical Garden was founded in 1913; it comprises a unique interior garden with plants that have been brought from all over the world.

The local fauna impresses visitors even more. Here one can see baboons, lions, zebras and leopards that live only on this territory.

The terrific Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

#3 Diamond Museum

The contribution of South Africa to the history of diamonds changed the world diamond industry forever. Now South Africa is one of the leaders of diamond mining industry.

In Diamond Museum, a visitor is offered an interesting guided tour through historic periods. On the territory of the museum, there is a gem-cutting factory. Every visitor has a rare opportunity to watch diamond cutters in the process of their work.

The Museum owns unique replicas of the most famous diamonds in the world; they include the Cullinan, the biggest diamond ever found.

Diamond Museum

#4 Shimansky Jewellery

Shimansky is one of the most famous jewellery companies in South Africa.  At Shimansky Jewellery’s entrance, there is a gem-cutting factory. At the same place, there is a jewellery manufactory. Here jewellers make designer’s masterpieces of Shimansky trademark.

Shimansky Jewellery

Just nuisance

#5 To finish up our review we would like to draw your attention to an unusual monument. This is indeed the monument not every tourist knows about.

In a square of Cape Town, there is a monument to a dog, named ‘Just nuisance’. A Great Dane went down in history as the only dog, which got a rank of an able-bodied seaman in the Royal Navy.

Just nuisance

We hope this info will be useful when you come to Cape Town, Africa.


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