Air Balloon Safari in South Africa

Balloon Safari in South Africa

There is nothing more beautiful than hovering in a balloon along the Serengeti and watching from a bird’s eye view of the wild life of the savannah. It is possible, it is only necessary to go on a heavenly air balloon journey.

Going on a heavenly air balloon journey

Amazing sky adventure in Africa

Despite the “hunting” meaning, the word “safari” is translated from the Swahili language simply as a “journey”. Safari again became just a journey through the savannah full of wild beasts — and therefore very exciting. Kenya and neighboring Tanzania are undoubted safari champions thanks to their excellent national parks, rich wildlife.
If on the ground in Kenya’s national parks you have to move in closed cars so as not to become a lion’s dinner, and you can go out only in specially equipped places or observation areas, it is logical to assume that the savanna can be viewed from the air.

a balloon flight at dawn

The balloon flies much lower than the aircraft, and slower, which allows you to view the animals properly and at the same time not be in the cockpit of the plane, but in the open air. Balloon safaris are especially popular during the Great Migration and are not organized in the rainy season. There is a separate option — a balloon flight at dawn, an absolutely unforgettable sight.
The flight of balloons takes place every morning, each ball places up to 12 passengers and rises to 1000 feet, giving the opportunity to see an unforgettable sunrise over the park and to feel the freshness of the early morning wind. Your pilot will help you identify the animals below, provide you with excellent angles for photos of wild animals.
A hot air balloon safari can be arranged in accordance with any route, usually including a night in the central Serengeti. All that is required is to choose the places you want to see during the flight

The flight of balloons takes place every morning

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