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Africa for tourists.

Why do tourists usually visit Africa? First of all, to enjoy the beautiful wild nature and to see numerous nature reserves, which have a global importance. The next point for travelers is the way of life and customs of different peoples. Many tribes of Africa have managed to preserve their unique identity to these days.

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The best tourist countries in Africa

Tanzania. Tanzania is considered one of the best places in Africa for tourism. Many tourists go here on a safari to make plenty of pictures of elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, buffaloes, zebras and other exotic animals. The most famous park in Tanzania is Serengeti, where the pristine nature of the African jungle is preserved. Kilimanjaro National Park, where the legendary volcano of the same name is located, is also rather popular. Tanzania can boast the best beaches, for example, beaches of Pemba Island.


Kenya. Kenya is suitable for those who want to meet people and study African culture. The country is always friendly with tourists, who want to know more about cities, culture and way of life of Kenyan natives. Here you can see Giriama women in their traditional outfits, and the tribes with an exciting lifestyle. For beach lovers there are magnificent white beaches.Kenya

Namibia. Namibia is famous for its natural sights and extraordinary landscapes, including the Skeleton Coast (an excellent place for surfing) and Namib – a huge coastal desert (has a size of three African countries).


Rwanda. Rwanda is also known as the “land of a thousand hills”. Here is located the largest tropical forest and the most picturesque mountain ranges in Africa. Here you can visit the popular Virunga National Park, where you can take a walk and see the mountain gorillas and golden monkeys.


Morocco. The picturesque North African country Morocco is filled with noisy markets, beautiful mosques and minarets. This is an amazing place to observe historical sights. Walking along Marrakech streets, also known as the “Red City”, is an unforgettable experience.Morocco

Egypt. The highest temples and pyramids attract tourists to Egypt. The main showplaces of Egypt are the Sphinx, the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum and the Nile River. No doubt, you should visit Dahab, a diving resort and Siwa oasis.


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